Which dimmer for (led) lightbulbs

Hello peepz.
I was wondering,
What type of dimmer do you prefer (besides the Fibaro dimmer)

It needs only to be able to dim a regular lightbulb or dimmable led lights.

*(edit: it has to be an built-in dimmer, or something like, but not a powersocket)

  • reliability
  • stability
  • range distance


Just depends on what you want,
I have a kaku just for have a e27 filament dimmed in the corner. Almost never changes.
Three gu10 tradfri to light out different objects from a 3 way spot. These dim without a dimmer.
And am verry happy to have 4x filament above the dinning table with a big knob on the wall from the Ecodim

yes i wasnt clear about it,

it has to be a sortkind of a built-in dimmer and not a powersocket.

de powersuply is just a regular 220v cable into a contact box, and not via a powersocket.

Fibaro Dimmer2

hi thks. yes i know.
but i was wondering, as i stated, a dimmer besides a fibaro


U will get all personal opinions about this. My personal favorite is the Fibaro, others will say other brands. What’s the problem with the Fibaro’s besides the price?

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i have no problems with Fibaro.
its more for knowledge.

i have to switch something outside, inside a metal case, about 5 meters away from homey.
so the different personal experience from the users is more then welkom.

range distance
are some of the things i would like to learn about different brands