What LED dimmer can I use?

Hi there,

I bought a Homey to dim some of my light sources using SH5-RBD-XXX dimmers of Smartwares, the Homey site said it was supported, but later I learned it wasn’t, little error of the developer who wrote it.

Since I can not use them anymore I’m forced to look for an alternative.
What I intend to do is to create a flow, to use the dimmer like a ‘wake up light’ but still be able to be switched on\off by hand the hardware light switch.
Maybe you can help me to find a dimmer witch is programmable as I mentioned AND Homey compatible. The dimmer must be able to handle 100 watt LED’s


Fibaro Dimmer 2 sounds like it fits the bill.

Thanks for your reply @robertklep, I’ll check it out!

I just bought 2 dimmers, I’ll keep you informed.


Doesn’t it work well?
I am experiencing the Fibaro Dimmer creating a noise that occurs just when light is dimmed. Once it’s at 100% the sound is gone.
What the heck … :thinking:

what bulb ? watt ? with or without bypass v1 or v2 ?

3 questions, but I got zero clue! :grin:
It’s 4 led stripes powered by 2 power adapters à 100 Watt I think …
W/ bypass you mean the setting in the app at the extended view: force calibration (read-out, w/ bypass, w/o bypass) right?!

No… bypass is a small device you need to be able to lower the watt of the load. For using 5watt led lights for example. Leave this setting on readout.
2x 100w inductive load ? It is too much load. Get another dimmer and put it in association mode. Is this power adapter even dimmable version?
You should get some fibaro rgbw modules and control it that way as with dimmer 2 it is not quite the way to do this and some day going to catch fire.

G! Don’t scare me! :crazy_face::thought_balloon::thinking:

Don’t think it may catch fire as the power adapter is dimmable and Fibaro dimmer 2 should work flawless. Well, it does; but noisy.

According to the technical data my magician-electrician says there’s no issue - though the noise when dimming sucks and is quite mysterious…

200VA Max is not the same as 200W… it’s too much for 1 dimmer. Should aim for 90% load which comes to 180W Max. Also the led wattage connected to the transformer should not exceed 90% load. As electro-magician he should know this :wink:
Take my electro-wiz advice and split the 2 transformers to 2 fibaro dimmers and use association to connect them to each other.

After reviewing the scenario and testing other power adapters and stripes: it’s not about the load.
We’re going to contact Fibaro itself now - otherwise it could be something re the roof construction.
BTW: I ordered an rgbw Dimmer now as well because as I understand the technical side a normal dimmer wouldn’t work pretty well w/ stripes. At least Qubino seems to distinguish that specifically on their website.

yes a rgbw controller is prefered as it directly controls the strip vs via a dimmable transformer. my experiemce is that it will dim much lower and better, also it doesn’t have lag unless intentional (fibaro has transision which can be turned off. but still make sure you are using a power adapter that has 10% more load then combined load of the strip connected on it. also that strip does not exceed 5 meter otherwise you would need a secondary repeater power supply. this you can notice if the last leds in the strip are less bright then the ones half way.

Well - there has to be a power adapter anyway that’s right between the dimmer and the led of course. In this case it is 2 power Adapters à 100W, each fuelling around 5m stripes.
Looking forward to the Qubino and to install it…

actually power adapter <> qubino <> ledstrip
hope it works out for you.

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