Which one is better with Homey? Qubino or Fibaro dimmer/relay

I think i am going to buy Homey and now next decision is what wall mounted dimmer/relay module I would use.
I have two option left. Fibaro dimmer/relay or Qubino dimmer/relay.

Fibaro seems to be little bit thicker and need bypass, but on the other hand it seems working better with Homey. If you use Qubino module manualy by using wall switch it wont update the status to Homey.

The purpose is to use module with wall switches and Homey.
Maybe Fibaro is better for me or can you recommend one or other?

I have just bought Elko Dimmer ESH GLED 316 Plus Smart dimmer whish is mutch better than fibaro , ( in fact this is why i switched over to howey hence dimming never has been working as it should with fibaro, nexa devices

Sorry to hear that you have bad experiences with these products. Could you tell what is wrong with the Fibaro dimmer 2?

It sounds great product. I can have normal wiring and wall switch but also possibility to control it by Homey.

I’m using a lot of dimmer2 modules, most of the time they work great and I don’t see why you shouldn’t choose them. Only wilt led lights with very low wattage they’re not that great.

Have a dimmer 2 running with led lights at a total of 6w. Combined with the bypass2 it is running like a charm.

But then you need the bypass and that doesn’t fit in the centraaldoos… at least not always. At some places I’ve put them at the light bulbs.