What is the best way for Homey to communicate with NHC smart curtains?

I have a number of extremely good curtain tracks from NHC (http://hceur.com) these can be controlled my WiFi but I am unhappy working through Tuya as it is the biggest pain in th world! Is there another WiFi way of doing it? In other words is there a work around for wifi without using Tuya?

Further research shows that the curtain motors can be directly controlled by 433MHz handsets. That then asks the question how do I include the device when NHC isn’t in the Homey lineup?

You could take a look at Broadlink RM4 and see if that might be an possible solution.

The Tuya Cloud app needs a bit of time and good reading, to set up properly. But that is a one off operation.
I carefully followed the great instructions at post #1 of the Tuya Cloud topic, and it worked right away.

And when it works, you can operate the curtain tracks as any other device in Homey, or use the two excellent workarounds, which are also pointed at in the Tuya Cloud topic.

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