Tuya curtains motor

Hi guys, before i buy i want to make sure this will pair with my homeu pro, can i also use smart switch ( tuya) to control it from homey and also from smart switch on the wall? if not can anyone recommend any motor will work with Homey Pro. Thanks

There’s one disadvantage of Tuya Zigbee and Homey

Of course you can request for adding support to the Tuya Zigbee app, but it can take a long time.

No clue which devices certainly work.

better than buy aqara curtain motor? will that more likely to work with homey ?

Switchbot works well and integrates with Homey which can control Switchbot curtains and scenes.

Needs a hub. I also use mine as an IR blaster.


thanks, but prefer differenr type of motors, anyone paired aqara/ tuya motor with Homey Pro?

For both Aqara and TuYa the same applies: you have to have the exact correct model, otherwise it won’t be supported.

As @Peter_Kawa already pointed out, with TuYa you will never know if the device will work with Homey until you have it in your hands. Even if someone else has the same device, there’s not guarantee it will be supported.

can you advise wchich exact model i have to have?
also why same model but two different devices can’t guaranted will be supported

For Aqara, look at the first post of the official app Thread on this forum. It contains a list of devices that are supported.

Because internals of TuYa devices often change which means Homey is unable to recognise them.

i founded this, 6970504210165 its supported by homey, but also i found this,

there is two motors, aqara Zigbee required gateway , its gateway requires even connected to Homey Pro? or do i need to buy wifi one wchich no require gateway, i thought homey works as a hub for device

If the device is supported by Homey, you don’t need an Aqara hub/gateway.

but for example i purchased tedee go device and even there is app supported it will need hub too :blush: so not always when there is app gateway is no needed

I thought we were talking about Aqara Zigbee devices…

we do, you helped me.a lot thanks mate, for now must just find some smart switch black wireless to control.

I run an Aqara Roller Shade Driver, as I had the cheap Aqara Hueb E1. Works wonderful, allso with automations, is controlled completely and easily with Siri. My two next. (rollrer) curtains shall also bee controlled by that fine driver.

Hello I got now for a few years an Tuya curtains motor with a Tuya wifi usb module.

It works great you need to install in Tuya app, after that you go to homey app and install new machine and select the Tuya cloud app, there you find curtains, if you select that, the curtains will appear. I got two curtains in the front and back and never had one problem with the motors.
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