What does the “info” icon do in “flow for web”

In flow for web some cards show an info icon, some don’t
But they do not seem to do anything.

What the meaning of that icon?

Hover over it with your mouse pointer:

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Hardly ever use homey web with my PC.
On a ipad pressing the i does not do anything

Still strange that some card do have an i (start a flow) and some do not (switch a flow)
See my screenshot

Perhaps Athom thinks that the web interface is for desktop devices and that for mobile devices you should use the app.


Why is it strange? It is just what a developer put in ss hint . Flow - Homey Apps SDK

If a card needs an explanation it is there.

But what would be a usefull better explanation for this card?

(i) duh…
(i) Guess what…

Nop, please keep it clean and don’t explain the obvious things.

So it already was in the mobile app for a long time,
You never complained for a missing hint there.