User information not passed to flow, depending on how the flow is started

In a simple flow I use the user information, but the information is only available depending on how the flow was started. Do I use the test function, the user information is readily available. Do I use the start arrow displayed with the three dots menu, the user information is not provided.

Anybody having an idea, what is wrong here?

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Hi Markus,
welcome to the Homey Community!

Could you please share your flow? Because I have absolut no clue what you’re talking about, sorry.


The idea, in general, is to send a notification to the user who initiated anything. I have solar roof and I want to control what the inverter is doing.

The setup for the logic looks like this:

A user initiates a flow A) to change the behaviour of the inverter. This flow presses/releases a virtual button B) to trigger another flow C) which than sends the information to the user who “pressed/released” the virtual button (the information is stored in a global variable).

Flow A looks like this:

When I start the Flow A) with clicking on the Start symbol, the user is being recognized and recieves the message as intended.
When I start the Flow A) in the menu by clicking on “Starten”, the user is not being recognized

Any idea on what causes the different behauviour?

No, not really, sorry. But you didn’t post the important flow which contains the information about which user started the flow, if I understood you correctly.

The difference between starting an Advanced Flow via the blue “Start Button :arrow_forward:” within the flow and “Starten” via the menu with the three dots is, that the the blue “Start Button :arrow_forward:” starts only a simulation.
Btw, I have no clue how to fetch the information which user started a flow, but my suggestion is to use a virtual button instead of the blue “Start Button :arrow_forward:”.