Two members in a flow with push notification question

Sorry for the bad topic but i lost my imagination.

I have a flow to start heating on my volvo.

When is a button, it then ask me and my girlfriend if we want to start the heater.

But is it possible for homey to know with user that pushed the button so the notification question only gets send to that member?

Sorry, don’t understand exactly what you mean. Do you mean the „Notification“ in the „And…“ section with a push message to answer a question „Yes“ or „No“ with a button?

How should it be possible? Homey can’t look into the future who may push the button first… :wink:

But you can create cascade flows. If the first user didn’t answered the „Notification“ question within 60 seconds for example, another „Notification“ will be sent to the second user.
With variables u can Homey „know“ which user pushed the „Yes“ button.
But for a better understanding please post your flow.

Yes, that would be a solution. Its no big deal as it’s only require one more virtual device. But i was hoping that it was a solution to use logic and that users would have some sort of an " id" or something so homey knew if it was me or my gf’s account that used the flow.

Yes, i get a question from homey in notification if i want to start the heater. Use this for safety so i don’t start the heater with an random power push.

It should be possible if the users had an “id”. Feks owner was “user 1” and with that i could have used logic to only respond whenever user 1 started the flow.

I don’t have the flow right know as separated the flows but i will make a new one so you can sew my old flow.

Maybe this could be a solution.
Person 1 will receive at first the push notification at 8 am (for example).
Person 2 will receive the push notification if person 1 didn’t answer the question within 60 sec (for example).
If person 1 answer the question within 60 with “Yes” or “No”, person 2 will no receive any push notification.
The last flow will set the variable again to “false” at 8 pm (for example).

Info: I haven’t tried it myself yet.

Thank you. You gave me some choice to work with :+1::+1:

Off topic, do you have your homey in Norwegian?

You’re welcome.

No, in Germany.

Strange. When, if and then in tour pictures are in Norwegian when i see it. But perhaps it’s changing the language automatically

Okay, didn’t know that before either.

This is how the “and” looked like in my firstly flow, and of course both got the push message.
Didn’t find a solution for how homeydash could detect if it was me or my gf that pushed the button.

It would be easier (language) if you post your flow as I did and not to make a screenshot… :wink:

You have to separate the push notifications as I posted. I guess there is no other way.
If you want to show a state who pushed the button, you have to use more variables.
And if you want to know which button, „Yes“ or „No“, was pushed, you have to ad again more variables.

Maybe there is a better, an easier way, but at this moment I don’t know another way.

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