Modes and notification issues


So I recently started the process of creating different “modes” in Homey.
Such as Home, Away, Night and Vacation.

I did this using Logic variables(yes/no) and Virtual buttons to trigger them.
Each button has a flow, changing the state of the variable to yes, and setting the rest of them to no.
Easy enough.

Where I’m having issues, is with getting notified of the mode changes.
As you can see in this picture, I have the flow for the “Home mode button”.

This works fine, and i get notified in the home feed.
But if I have another flow, like the flow tracking our phones trigger the virual button; no notification.

The variables change, the house switches mode and lights and heating follow accordingly.
But not the bloody notifications. What am I missing here?
Before i had the notifications in the flow which actually changes the lights etc.
But then i would get the notification each time the button was pressed, and not only when it changes, as i want.

This apparently has to do with Virtual Switches and Devices not being fully supported.
I changed it to trigger the flow, not the button and all is good =)