What causes this error? Error controlling status

Connection to WiFi, but error.
Restarted multiple times, but same error.



I meant, you wrote a statement, so I thanked you for sharing.
When you want to ask something, just ask with what you’d like some support with?

That’s in the title of this thread :grinning:

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@Audun_Heimdal while you don´t give any detail about your wifi setup, I’ll just shoot I guess?
Do you have separate 2.4 and 5GHz SSID’s? When no, try to create separate networks for both frequency bands, and / or

Have it on 2,4 g yes. No mesh

Obvious probably, but did cutting the power from the bridge, for 5 minutes, make any difference?

Is the wifi router 2.4GHz modus set to b/g/n, or g/n?

Try setting it to b/g to see if it makes a difference:

This post covers the Homey bridge as well: