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Welcome to the Tutorials category

This category is created for members to show tutorials for Homey.
A tutorial can be like “How to reset an IKEA bulb”

To keep this category clean and readable for everyone we like 1 dedicated topic per tutorial. Please search the category for already existing tutorials before you make a new post. Double posts will be deleted to keep it clean.
When you make a topic with a tutorial please provide as much information as you can to make it understandable for all. Topics started with too little info like stated below will be deleted to keep it clean.

Description of the tutorial (what are you trying to achieve)
Give some information on what the tutorial is for.

What is needed to use this tutorial?
When for example a particular app is needed in this tutorial, please name the app including a link to the app-store so people can download the app to continue to follow the tutorial.

Step by step explanation
Please make a step by step explanation for everybody to understand. There are a lot of members and not all are on the same skill. When f.e. people needs a PTP, give a link to PTP so everybody can follow this tutorial. When it’s about a specific device, give a link to that device.

Screenshots (if needed)
Make screenshots of anything that could help people to follow this tutorial.

An example of a turorial

Let’s make Homey even greater then it is already by sharing your tutorials to help others enjoy Homey.