Help with creating an tutorial on how to create an app

Hi all,

I have created a Homey App for a ESP8266 based heating valve controller which more or less works. During development I ran into a lot of problems because there is no good tutorial about writing a Homey app from A to Z. I think that there are many people like me on this forum who are comfortable with javascript and other programming languages but lack the experience and knowledge, who would really benefit from such a tutorial. So I thought I’d take the initiative to write one about a creating such an app for an ESP8266 based device. By the way, I know that there is a C++ library from Homey that provides Homey integration for ESP8266 but that has limitations and I would like to build this from scratch for instructional purposes.

To do so I need support from people who have a more in depth knowledge of writing homey apps and drivers (and preferably also ESP8266). So my question is, who has that knowledge and would want to support me, with the creation of this tutorial.

Chris Peters