WeatherKit (remplacant de Dark Sky)

J’ai reçu cet email, ce matin.

Le lun. 13 juin 2022 à 22:37, Apple Inc <> a écrit :slight_smile:
Introducing WeatherKit

Hello there,
We wanted to let you know about a change coming to Dark Sky. Beginning on March 31st, 2023 the Dark Sky API will no longer be available. To prepare, we encourage you to learn more about WeatherKit, a new Apple API available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and web that provides access to the new Apple Weather forecast data.
You can learn more HERE
As always, we appreciate your support, and will continue to update you with any future changes.
Thanks, The Dark Sky Team

Dark Sky va disparaitre
Mais cette nouvelle application n’est pas encore disponible dans Homey store.

La seule application de météo disponible est maintenant OpenWeather.
Est ce que WeatherKit sera disponible pour Homey?
Afin de comparer et voir la plus fiable. :slight_smile: