Darksky Weather App

“Dark Sky is the most accurate source of hyperlocal weather information.”

There is now an app , in beta, for it. The repo is available from here and will be available in the store shortly. With this app you can check the current weather. Things that are currently supported:

Current weather for a given location. Including:

  • temperature,
  • humidity
  • air pressure
  • rain meter
  • wind strength
  • wind gust
  • wind angle
  • visibility
  • uv index
  • Apparent temperature
  • Maximum temperature for today
  • Minimum temperature for today
  • Maximum temperature time
  • Minimum temperature time

the device adds certain tags you can use in logic operators in flows. For the app you need a working api key. This can be obtained from here


  • 0.0.7 Fixed bug #6 ( windSpeed and windGust is in Meters per second, displayed as km/h), Added extra validation on settings / pair view for latitude and longtitude.
  • 0.0.6 Added conditions for custom capabilities. Fixed some translations and added German translations
  • 0.0.5 Changed the label for the highest / lowest day temperature to expected highest / lowest temperature. Swapped the highest / lowest day temp times. Fixed the triggers in flows.
  • 0.0.4 Fixed paypal link
  • 0.0.3 Fixed a minor rounding error in various capabilities (humidity , cloud cover)
  • 0.0.2 Fixed a bug that caused the highest and lowest temperature times to be swapped. Added units to various capabilities
  • 0.0.1 First release to see if things work as they should

Thanks for testing. It should be fixed now. Please install a new version from github beta and remove the old device and repair :slight_smile:

Settings saved with the new beta, cheers!

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Just updated the github beta branch. This fixes the following issues:

  • Highest and Lowest day temperatures are swapped
  • Various capabilities missing units

Could you add Cloud cover as a metric?

I just added it to the beta github repo.

Woow that’s fast! I can see the cloud cover percentage but the icon is a spinning bar wheel.

Installed the beta version , I also see no cloud icon.
But that is the only issue i have so far.

Tnx for making this great weatherapp Jeroen!

A little bit to percise i think :smiley: but it’s very promising!

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I see it indeed. And also another issue… something with to many digits :wink: I’ll update it soon

Just installed it. Now waiting for the values. Thanks, looks nice

It should take minimal 2 minutes to get the info. It will update every 2 minutes.

Could you add sunrise and sunset times as well please

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I can add it. But i’m currently thinking about what to add and what to remove. Currently the device has lots of capabilities and I wonder if it’s still a clear interface.

Can you choose which capabilities to show during pairing? People could add multiple “devices” with different views. Also, seems wise to be able to set the refresh-parameter in the UI so people can prevent overflooding the service?

I know you can add capabilities ‘on the fly’ when creating a device. That’s what I’m doing in the domoticz app but for this app I didn’t want this in the first place.

Over flooding the service? The app will update every device on an interval of 2 minutes. So it doesn’t matter if you have 1,2 or 10 devices. The only thing you need to be aware of is that when you use the same api key for all those devices your free ticks are going away faster.

In the latest beta build on github i fixed the rounding errors

When can we expect this app (Beta) in the Homey app store? It’s very promising by the way!

That’s totally up to Athom. It’s currently in approval process