Weather sensors via 433 Mhz an 868 Mhz not detected

First off, I’ve only been a homey owner for 3 days. May be my question is trivial but I found no hint for solving it.
I’ve differrent weather sensors operating via 433 Mhz and 868 Mhz (e.g. from Dostmann and no name). My understanding is that homey supports both frequences in general also without a special app. I tried the following:

  1. open menu “add device”
    Without selecting a brand name “search for devices” is active but nothing happens.
  2. open menu “add device” and select “Wireless Weather Sensors” and than “Temperature”
    I choose connect but after a few seconds i get the response “no new device found”
  3. For 868 Mhz I didn’t found an app. Are there an app for weather sensors?
    Any hints how to solve my problem.

That’s not correct, Homey requires specific apps for almost everything. Also, apps need specific device support as well, so if you can’t find a device listed on the app’s page, there’s a big chance that it’s not supported.

Thank you for your explanation.
Do you have any idea how to increase the time an app is looking for a device? The weather app searches only a few seconds and during this time the sonsor does not seem to be transmitting.

Which weather app are you referring to?

Most 433Mhz or similar RF based devices are usually fairly easy to handle on a technical level. Rolling codes for some garage doors can be a bit tricky to deal with through…

While I’m not totally familiar with RF based Weather Stations I’d say they are a lot more complex and probably use a proprietary system for relaying temperature data through the RF signal transmissions.

That being said their “could’ possibly be a universal coding standard that’s used for Weather stations. If so then this would just theoretically require the creation of a simple App that could make sense of the data input if the app had the ability to listen for codes and learn them or could handle a pairing procedure (if they use it)… I really don’t know how Weather stations work. Ever manufacturer probably just has their own proprietary way of doing it. :disappointed:

Simple RF based ON/OFF type devices “shouldn’t” be a problem but Weather Stations are a whole different ball game. I haven’t seen any Smart Hubs that natively supports them…

Your best bet is to either do some research and try and understand how Weather stations communicate and see if it’s worth pursuing.

If you just need temp and humidity readings I’d personally just buy a SonOff TH10. Through the SonOff interface go and flash it with Tasmota . Then use Homeys Tasmota App to access it. You will then have a cheap and super reliable data feed of your temp and humidity… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:… Been using them for awhile now. Rock solid …

I tried the app “Wireless Weather Sensors”.

Many thanks for your explanation.
The point is that I’ve already a weather station with temperature, humadity, rain, wind and pressure. My hope was that I can use this within Homey.
Unfortunately i haven’t had any experience with analyzing the communication. Is there perhaps a tutorial on how to best do this?

I followed tutorials a few years ago but couldn’t get any where with my old weather station so I wrote the weather Underground app. The weather station sends information to WU and my app gets the data from WU.
Does your weather station support WU?

I have just got a new Misol weather station which has more sensors and connects to a Misol gateway that sends data directly to my Misol app.

One of the difficult bits for creating a radio app is capturing a sample of the signal as they generally on transmit once every 10 to 15 seconds and you need several good sample to analyse to crack the code.

I have just looked at the Wireless Weather Sensor app and it is constantly listening for new devices on the protocols you enable. When it picks up a signal it stores it in an array. Then when you add a device it uses the array to lookup the sensor. So the ‘search time’ is only the time it takes to do the lookup.

The app requires that you enable the appropriate protocols in the Configure App section and then wait for a while to give it time to receive some data. It will show you if it receives anything lower down in the the configuration page…
If it detects nothing then there are two possibilities:

  1. The sensor is not using a compatible protocol.
  2. The sensor is too far away from Homey for it to receive a reliable signal.

The app unfortunately doesn’t detect either of my stations / sensor.

I tried the WU app but there I have to enter a station id and an API key. Where do I get this information?
If I understand the WU right than the data from my personal weather station must be hosted on Weather Underground. It doesn’t work without a connection to the internet and my station doesn’t support that.
Nevertheless many thanks for your information.

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I looked at the configuration again. My changes were not saved. After I have selected and saved the protocols agian, it works now. Many Thanks!
However, only the data from the connected sensors are displayed and not from the weather station itself, e.g. the indoor temperature. How can I get this?

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If you mean the display unit then it probably doesn’t transmit any data for its internal sensors.

If you have a SDR (Software Defined Radio) you can use the rtl_433 software to detect a known protocol. You can use a cheap RTL-SDR usb-stick type of SDR or a more expensive SDRplay type of SDR.

I managed to read the Mi-Sol moisture sensor as protocol: Fineoffset-WH51
Now all I have to do is program this into the app “Wireless Weather Sensor”…but I haven’t figured that out…

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Thanks for your tipp with the RTL-SDR usb-stick. I think I’ll try that.