How to start? App for 868.35MHz sensors

One of my homey challenges is to catch the signals from my alarm system. (Its an older system without smart interface)

Every room in the house has a wireless sensor, would be great if I could use these for presence detection.

I searched for an app that could read the sensors but did not find one. So the challenge is to create one myself (with a little help) have no idea how to start and do not have a lot of software skills…

My sensors are 1way sensors 868.35MHz.

So the interface is probably simple: identifier for the unit & on/off signal.

There could be 2 ways to go:
1 Read the RF signal that is send by the sensor (how?) and build an app that monitors for that signal.
(Trigger a sensor, catch the signal, use that)

2 figure out the the RF coding and build an app around that.

Suggestions on how to start are welcome :slight_smile:

(Or maybe I missed an app thet excist)
Greetings Frank

I found a guy who hacked a 433 system…
Perhaps you could use this technic for hacking your system in some way…
I hope it helps…
Stuff you can read to inform you what you ca do with Homey. It’s also about 868MHz

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The video from @Jojje is absolute educational how to use en 10 $ DVB-T USB stick on an Raspberry Pi.
But it will not help you in how to capture the signal the way Homey Analyzes it.

The Links from @JPe4619 from Athom and the GitHub from @HarriedeGroot are absolute the way you should investigate the signal to build your Apps on Homey.
Just in 5 minutes to capture a signal and analyze it with the Athom-Homey-RF-Signal-Analyzer to verify my by hand made signal what cost me a lot of time (some evenings) last year I created my first basic 433 App.

If you’ve got any problem using the tool, please let me know. All suggestions for improvements are welcome.



Im not sure if I have managed to connect successfully.

I used the public IP and added the besrer token.

I pushed the button while listening, but could not see any results anywhere.

Im trying to listen for the Honeywell doorbell signals

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