Record 868 MHz signal


I try to record a 868 MHz signal without any succes. It seems like Homey is not picking up any signal? Even from a already programmed Fibaro keyfob Homey is not recording the signal. Does this functionality work on Homey?

Homey only supports certain encoding types, but if your intention is to record a signal to later replay it, that’s something that Homey doesn’t support at all.

I did know that Homey only supports certain encoding types. But how does it explain that it wouldn’t even record the Fibaro keyfob?

Because it’s a Z-Wave device that doesn’t send a recordable signal. The recorder can only handle simple encoding schemes.

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Fibaro is a z-wave device, that is not processed by the RF controler, that one is a different chip and radio.

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Aha useful option then :stuck_out_tongue: Tnx all!

I have an alarmsytem that is using 868.65 MHz.
The alarm cannot connect to homey. But can homey read the sensors?

The sensors are One-way and has its own unique code, but they always send the same code.
So if I can record that code, maybe I can write an app to read those sensors.
All rooms have motion sensors, dont want to put 2 sensors (a second one that supports homey)

  • How can I find out if home can receive the signals?
  • And if homey can receive them, would it be possible to create my own app to use these signals?

I tried this but it does not seem to work
I tried this but it does not seem to work

In that case, Homey doesn’t seem to be able to process the signal.

Being Z-wave protocol it will be totally different to old school devices on the same frequency band. (Totally different in every possible way)

If you want a cheap alarm system setup with many sensors I’d suggest getting cheap sensors based on 433Mhz for Motion sensors , window and door sensors , water , fire , C02, gas … etc etc