Recording RF signal

In the section you can record a RF signal? i haven’t recorded anything yet, tried a 433mhz device and 868mhz. no reults.

what is this tool for? it would be nice to record a device and add it to homey…

It is, believe it or not, for developers. Apps that want to provide support for RF devices need to provide Homey with a signal definition, for which this tool can be used (however, the output requires additional processing before it can be used in an app).

It’s not a generic “signal recorder”.

But it doesn’t record anything. It failes every time

Homey can only decode certain RF signals (specific encodings), so it’s likely that the devices that you’re using may be using encodings that aren’t supported.

Too bad, should be nice though

Maybe this tool is useful for you?

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hoe werkt dit precies?

Let’s keep it English here:

It works exactly the same but does a best guess what a signal definition of a recording possibly could be:

but trust me, the average signal is just somewhat complexer than that example.

and that s only the beginning of building an app

Go to the mentioned Github page an click [index.html] .
Fill in the IP of your Homey
Hover over the text …bearer token and get this token, copy/past it
Go to Recording

I don’t think this is useful for you, given that the “official” signal recorder doesn’t output anything. Harrie’s tool won’t fix that (and besides, even if you were able to “record” a signal, you’d still need to write a Homey app around it before you can actually use it, Homey simply doesn’t have the capability to record and re-play RF signals).

Thnx for all the input guys but this is too much for me;) i just want to connect my ventilation to homey :’)

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@Otter probably you can explain what device you want to use (Branch, Type, Picture)?

Its an Orcon 10rf remote working on 868mhz

I’m dealing the same challenge for my hood:

and for an electric gas fire:

and for some lights in my terrace covering and so on.

In other words: a simple way to record the signal (f.e. using the above mentioned tool(s)) and put them into an app.

Same here with faber optimist and an tv elevator.

Would be nice to have a simple way … but it look to be difficult to develop a simple tool unfortunately.

Many devices have also the possibility to connect a switch or a relay that can provide remote control.

My awning remote on 433 MHz gives the record in dev. site. Is there any chance there will be an option/app to record and teach Homey other devices on the frequencies? I’ve read some comments that it would be too complicated for the user or so. Even the dumb chinese key remotes can teach any other remote however Homey can not do it :frowning: It was also one of the reasons I bought it. Despite I love it, I am missing this option a lot.

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Nop, not possible with the current SDK. If Athom doesn’t make it it will not come.

Copy. Nevertheless what is than the purpose of the record function in developer menu?

For developing, analyse the signal patterns, timings, etc.
To describe the signal for a app to have knowledge of what is on or off, or what is 1 2 3 4 etc. So learning a remote also learns all capabilities or functions without having to learn each button…