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Help needed recording 433Mhz signal : signal recording picks up wrong devices


I am trying to build my first own app by capturing messages from a 433Mhz rainsensor.
So I tried to make use of the 433Mhz recording option in the developer tools as a base to make a signal definition for my new to build app.

At first it looked good because I received a signal and I thought it was the rainsensor and checked the signal in the GTwave analyser app. Hmmm, looked a bit strange as a sort of continious hearthbeat pulse signal, but heck what do I know about what I am doing…:wink:

Then I dropped out my batteries of my rainsensor and still received a signal. That’s strange and makes decoding my rainsensor a lot more difficult. So I tried to move the homey to another place in my house in hope it wouldn’t receive other signals so that I could record a clean signal but unfortunately without luck.

Do any of you have experience or tips for me to capture a clean signal to start decoding and building up signal definition file for my app?

The one thing I can think of: move Homey even further (outside even).
Power Homey using an extension cord, or by using a powerbank, and find a location with the least possible chance of unwanted 433MHz signals by trial.

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Your neighbours might have some gear that interferes…

433mhz can travel some distance. I’d probably recommend take it to a friends house.