App for 868 Mhz weather sensors

Is there an app supporting weather sonsors communicating via 868 MHz?

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I would like to have an answer too! :pray:

Try “wireless weather sensor”
Really not sure, you’ll have to test

In the protocol selection there are only 433 Mhz protocols availble, no one for 868 Mhz. A test with all available protocols wasn’t successfull.

I believe at this stage its rather important that you give the brand and model of your 868 MHz weather sensors

I can only select the protocol in the app. There is no model. I selected TFA for Dostmann but nothing was detected. Where can I choose brand and model? I use version 2.5.2.

Please give the brand and modell type of your weather sensor, of the physical plastic devices you are holding in your hands
Then we can look for an app

It is a TFA Dostmann/Wertheim STRATOS (35.1077) with a T/H-transmitter (30.3151), a rain gauge (30.3152), and a wind transmitter (30.3153). The numbers seems to be item number only.

Have you already had the opportunity to look for a suitable app?