Trying to include home made 433 MHz sensor

Hey Homies!

So I have this home made 433 MHz sensor that I’d like to include in Homey. I know the sensor works since it showed up in my other hub which is a Telldus Tellstick. That system includes 433 MHz sensors automatically without user action.

However, I have not been able to include this sensor in Homey. The sensor uses the Oregon rain meter protocol but when I search for sensors with the ”Wireless Weather Sensors” app my sensor doesn’t show up (all my other 433 MHz sensors have been included).

Anyone have any ideas how I can get Homey to recognise the sensor?


Maybe the Telldus 433MHz app recognizes it?

As far as I can see the Telldus app only offers a remote, a door sensor and two plugs. No weather sensors…but I can be wrong.

The Tellstick sees this sensor as an Oregon rain sensor and I can’t figure out why Homey doesn’t do the same. I have other sensors that uses the same protocol and those turned up using the ”Wireless Weather Sensors” app.

I´m bumping this thread since I still haven’t been able to get this sensor to show up in Homey, and I think it feels a bit stupid to keep the Telldus hub just for one sensor. However the sensor is the most important one for me personally so I don’t want to ditch it.

The homemade sensor has these parameters stated in TelldusLive!:

Protocol: oregon
Model: 2914
Sensor ID: 272
Channel id: 30

if that helps in anyway.