We need a "Homeyscript" category in the Community Forum

We need a whole section dedicated to Homeyscript - there’s one for “Flow”, but I miss one for Homeyscript.

Have you seen the Community has something like Tags

Works most of the time better than Categories as a Topic can only be in one category, but you could also tag this topic as a “FeatureRequest”

I do agree… lets ask our moderators, random pick @Dijker, how they think about this idea :wink:

Seems that messages crossed :joy:

It works great, if people remember to put tags on their posts. The section for “Flow” could be a tag as well? Imo the two most important areas in Homey is “Flow” and “Homeyscript”, so I think"Homeyscript" deserves its own section, as it is a VERY important part of Homey.

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Is it, though?

Seeing the number of

  • Device Specific questions in Apps,
  • App specific Questions in Questions & Answers
  • Flow specific Questions in Questions & Answers or in Apps…
  • ~ 5 Posts / Topics opened in incorrect Language category a day.

I think you are better of with Searching and Tags.

If you really want a specific Category: Moderators can’t edit the Community configuration on that point. Ask Athom Support…