Make a category for flows on the forum

How about making a place here on the forum, designated for flows?
It would be a place where you could get some fresh idees, and it would also serve as a toturial for new/experienced users as well.
There could be basic flows, explaining alarms, toggeling and dimming lights etc.
And also a bit more advanced ones like tags, varables, logic etc.
As well as http requests and stuff like this - i know i would like to have greater understanding of that.
Of what i could find. there isnt anything like that here today?
What do you think?


Good Idea!!! Better then in a topic like on the old forumsite

As the way flows are going to look is going to change completely in the new homey firmware (desktop now vs mobile soon), it will not be very wise to start creating “how to make this flow” already on the forum, and when v2 is there to do it completely over again.

Such a topic will come when homey v2 is there.

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There is a live before firmware 2. And it will take a long time to release firmware v2, they are not even finished with 1.5xx. So waiting to release can take easily few months from now.

So i think it is a great idea to create a flow category and after v2 rolled out then they can rename it to flow v1.5.xx

I don’t think that everyone will update homey to v2 directly after release because of bugs.

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Don’t work on assumptions, you don’t know how far they are, and what still needs to be done for v2, or how long it is going to take. (we all hate waiting, but there is just nothing we can do about it, other then wait)

There will just not come a topic for this until v2 is there, things like the washing machine flow is already here on the forum, and other small posts for a few flows.
And there is still the old forum post with lots of valid (v1) flow ideas until then.

If people don’t want to upgrade to v2 that is their choice to make, the principal of flow making will be the same between v1 and v2, and thus not a valid reason.
(most bugs will be gone before it reaches stable anyway, there is a reason why it is still in development :wink:)

If we already started creating such a topic, it will become just as cluttered as te previous forum, it needs to be done Right from the start, not re-done within whatever short periode until v2, also to keep it organized, as the options in homey are just too infinite to start “just like that”.

Going to close this topic now, enough has been said about it (= not until v2 arrives), if you disagree with me closing this topic, you can always contact me, or any of the other moderators