Suggestion: flow tags/categories (replacing folders)

After struggling to organise my flows, I found out what I am missing: tags/categories.

I have a lot of flows, and more are created almost daily. The goal is for my home to be as smart as possible, based on multiple inputs such as sensors, calendars, actions etc.

This has resulted in difficulty in getting an overview of my flows as many flows have multiple logical groups. It would be great to be able to add tags/categories to each flow and sort/organise by tag/category (i.e. smart folders) in stead of using the current folder structure.

Those who wish to continue using the old folder system could simply use only one tag/category for each flow. This change would therefore accommodate both preferences.

Anyone else supporting this?



Though I am a huge critic of the current Homey interface, and I agree that stuff needs to be changed, I am wondering how you see this and how this would be a huge benefit to a proper ‘dumb’ folder list. Can you give concrete examples?

My personal folder structure looks something like

0 ground floor

  • 0 generic
  • thermostats
    – controls
    – logic
  • living room
    — controls
    — logic
  • kitchen

1 first floor


Not a bad idea.
Although I am able to organize most of my flows by folder I do struggle with some of them, having to put them in 1 folder while they would fit in multiple…
Having them show up in 2 different places might be handy

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Sorry for the late reply.

Here are some examples:
“Bathroom: comfort weekend”
This flow adjust the temperature to comfort during the weekend.
It could be organised in a group for “Bathroom” or by type “temperature” or by trigger “time/date”. That way I could find every flow which regulates temperature by selecting this tag, or find the flows for the bathroom etc.

“Calendar: travel ends (IFTTT)”
This flow is triggered by a calendar event (through If This Then That), and pre-heats my home.
This flow could have the tags “Calendar”,
“IFTTT”, “Temperature”, “Travel” etc

This would be fantastic, honestly. Even after just a few months with Homey I have a ridiculous number of flows and this would make it so, so much easier to work with.