Waterproof Compatible Zwave / Zigbee / Wifi button?

Anyone know a waterproof compatible button?
Looking for something to go by the kitchen sink…


Hello Vaderag,

You can look at these item

NodOn CRC-3-6-03

I don’t know if you can buy it but where it works fine outside in France.

Best regards


Thanks, will take a look - is there a homey app? I don’t see one

Yes it is


Cheap Aqara Wireless switch is not water proof, but Im pretty sure that it will last near the sink, because there are not any holes on the top housing from the front. And as a bonus, you dont have to press the specific place, you just hit the whole button as it is.
You can also disassemble it and fill it with silicone or some other sealant if there is a lot of splashing water arround. :wink:.

That’s a good shout too. I have some of their other switches but all have an ‘internal’ button which seemed ripe for ingress. That looks the ticket