Warning: Set device name with HOOP broken - Athom has changed CLI authentication code+secret

Edit: My first assumption here that the update to 8.1.4 was the reason is wrong. The reason for the broken function is explained below in the threat.

This is a warning to user who use this feature of the HOOP App with a Homey version before v8.1.4:

I use the HOOP app to change device names dynamically very often.

It worked perfectly, but since I installed Homey version 8.1.4. the device names no longer change.

A test of the Set card results in the following error:


To be clear: This is not a criticism of the HOOP app!

Because I did not change anything else it seems to be a problem in combination with v8.1.4.

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Perhaps this has something todo with it:

I’m sorry, but it also happens with my Homey on firmware v8.1.3 ?
I think you got your conclusions a bit too quick :blush:

Yeah, athom has changed there CLI authentication code and secret, so it aint working at the moment :wink:

There was a reason for that:

Yeah i know, but that wasn’t hoop, since Arhom knew very well i was using the CLI authentication (during login once), and rejected that from the store. But they specificly said i was allowed publish the app somewhere else (like the HCS).
Also, i only used CLI during setup, after that, hoop only uses the athom-api.

I have changed the title and my first statement so that no one is misled.

But good to know that the update is not the reason.

Yeah, and Athom concluded this should’ve been the main reason

I wasn’t implying that HOOP was the reason, apologies if it looked like I was :sweat_smile:


Hi Robert, you weren’t indeed, but while Athom already made clear what was causing the issue according to them, I just wanted to point that out :grimacing: