Add Nello in Homey as device doesn't work anymore

I removed by incident my Nello device in Homey. I want to re-add it but it does’nt work anymore. The callback to Nello falls in a timeout.…………-9cd3-1cc584d7a6ba%26client_id%3D5d965aaf-190f-…

Some digits are replaced by …

Maybe this has something to do with iit

Seems they have been bought by an Italian smart lock producer

same fault over here since they went bancrupt. they where bought, but no new api was provided yet. contacted support and they will change as soon as new api is avail, but until then, you are lost (same like me)

as the callback to nello fails, this is a fail from their side not from athom. But complaining to nello didn’t changed anything for me until now. You may go ahead and also complain over there, maybe it will help and we both get the device back to working :wink:

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I will do that

Same problem. Hope they solve soon!