Flow manual to recieve nello door ring signal to homey

today i solved the problem by the nello app to forward the door ring signal to homey , so it is possible to use it in flows . the complete step is in 10-15 min solved but before i start to write this manual ( little bit longer) is theresomeone interested in this too?

with additional hardware or without?

without you can modify the nello webhook post to homey webhook recieve.

then I would be interested :wink:


part 1/2


The following is required:

Invite 1 additional new account via the Nello app, in my case I called this Homey NelloApp and set up a new email address.

This email address I then invited via the original nello app, then you have to re-register the acc by deregistering the main user since this has no Nello account, has done this is the rest quite simple. Log out of Homey NelloApp user and log back in with the default / home user.

Thus, a completely new nello user named … created.

Now we call the website https://auth.nello.io/admin and log in with the new user there, fill in everything, select all the selections and click on subbmit. it then creates a client_id and client_secret below. we copy this (eg notes app).

Now we need the app Android postman or httpbot for ios.


before after pic 3 press send

press send after pic 6 to get respone (pic 7) the location_id

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image image !
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when you enter your wehook url from homey and press send you get the final answer pic 11.

this steps only change api to webhook data for the created user. you can add more when you create a second new user and …
do not login with that data after you changed the webhook api because this change the webhook to the standard. when you want change on some user his webhook you need only a new bearer token all others param s are same, this also for the location_id it only change when add a new adress in nello self .
for example is created a user names homey-nelloApp and IFTTT and done the steps. now ifft call my phone via voip call too.

all black what i marked black must add your data :crazy_face:

At the weekend i look add the athom nello app if it is possible to modify them after the OAuth part to do this on every new login , and then i must study how i expose them ass a sensor device in Homey :joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: i do this as my personal hobby and the lasttime i coded was with dreamwaver 3 a html site :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: now json , phyton and … wtf :flushed: so much to learn ( but i think i m faster than athom :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: ) 3 homeybridges i got runs stable to for different homekit access in my home.

if anybody can do this with a homeyscript and curl commands to modify the hook he ca use update token to when i understand the api right. so a homeyscript with oauth login and curl commands can then used in flow . when app crash / startet runs homeyscript . i think it would be possible to code this or edit the nello athom app.

With the new version of the nello app 1.1.0 you can create a flow with doorbell .

that goes fast :rofl::rofl::rofl:

hmm only half translated :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: