How the hell do I login to the API?

I am trying to create a Siri Shortcut which calls an URL to open my curtains powered by a Brel motor. Homewizard massively failed at this so I bought the Homey a few weeks ago.

Now, by pulling the token from the Homey Developer portal I managed to open/close the curtains by calling my local Homey IP with that token. But that token will obviously expire at some point.

So how would I obtain a new token from my Homey? I don’t need it to work over the internet, just on my local network.

It baffles me there is no official documentation on this to be honest :frowning:

To execute Flows via siri Schortcuts I use webhooks. Works great.

Strong first topic title… :thinking:

With API i assume you mean Homey’s API? Didn’t you already manage that by pulling the token?

Also i don’t really understand the question how you should do that the next time…Is there any reason to assume that the same method will not work the next time?

Besides that, i am just curious, what official documentation do you mean and from who? Brel? Siri/Apple? Athom? Some web standard authority?

I assume you mean the “webhook” mechanism that’s offered by the Logic flow cards (“A webhook was received”)?


So you’re saying the token does not expire? Seems odd.

Anyway, I didn’t realize I could use a webhook so I’ll look into that, must be quite a bit easier too.