Connecting with a B&o gateway

Hi all,

The last few days I’m struggling with some flows to let my Homey communicate with a B&o BLGW. From the gateway to the homey works now due a logic flow with a HTTP webhook.

Now I would like to have it the other way around; from homey to the gateway. A link below shows a way to make Siri shortcut, is there a work around for Homey? Or should I use the HTTP flow app with a curtain command?

Any help is more then welcome!

There’s a standard logics card for sending web requests from Homey

Hi Peter,

Thanks for you quick response.

In the app this logic flow seems different then the Homey online interface, but you’re right. thanks!

Just tested it to make a siri command and that worked. So now I would like to know how:

  • make a Base64 encryption
  • create the login at the ip. is this http://[user]:[pasword]@192.168xxxx or otherwise?
  • how to create the header with the three steps and link them to the Base64?

Proberaly this is common html coding :slight_smile:

Then is should work I guess…


This is usually the way to go.

About the base64 questions: can’t help you with that.

ok, will try that.

So for this I need a workaround then:

Add a “Base64 Encode” action after the “Text” action which contains the credentials, and a line should connect the two. Selecte “Encode”, and “None” in Line Breaks.

And this one:
After the “URL” action, add a “Get Contents of URL” action. This action contains a few entries which require configuring. Change the Method to POST and add the following 3 headers:

** Content-Type: text/plain*
** Accept: application/json*
** Authorization: BasicIn the Authorization header, after the word Basic, insert a link to the “Base64 Encode” action (check out the screenshot). A space is required between the word Basic and the “Base64 Encode” action. eg: Basic Base64 Encode*

unfortunately I still didn’t succeed it to get it work…

From the gateway TO homey works, but would like to send a command from Homey to the gateway. Example; push a button → start a Homey flow → send command to play music/radio to the gateway.

JSON seems also to work but I have no knowledge of that. What I found is the flowing:

  • Base url : Base URL of destination for each HTTP Request. If you have many resources with the same base and a different endpoint, this can be configured for each resource. The URL of the request will be the concatenation of Base url + resource endpoint.
  • Headers (OPTIONAL): You can specify the Headers for each HTTP request made by the driver as JSON Object.

Eg: {“Header1”: “valueX”, “Header2”: “valueY”}. If this field is left empty the next headers are used by default: {“Accept”: “ / ”, “Content-Length”: “${Length}”,”Host”: “${Host URL}”}.

  • Poll url (OPTIONAL) : This field is just to set the driver as Online or Offline: If this field is not empty, the driver makes a GET HTTP Request to the Poll url every 60 seconds and the state depends on if the returned status code is 2XX Success or not. If this field is left empty, the driver state is determined by the last returned status code of a request made. In this case the driver state will be equal to Online if the returned status code is 2XX Success and Offline if not.

Could anyone help me out here? :blush: