Suggestion for new Homes Pro 2023 App

Dear Devs,

Thanks for bringing us a Homey Pro 2023 which is mostly fine working, including the migration from the Homey 2019.

A very usefull app which is missiing is the old (and unfortunately not maintened and migrated) HTTP request flow cards (HTTP request flow cards Appli pour Homey | Homey).

In Homey 2019, I used in many scripts to access devices that are not native supported in Homey app.

Certainly it will be very appreciated by a lot of Homey owners which are using ad developing a scripts and flows.

Many thanks in advance.


+1 :+1:

The developer has already stated that he’s working on a SDKv3 implementation: Source.
So perhaps give the developer some love :wink:.
But am curious what the app can do what the build in logic (webhook) cards can’t.

And there is already an topic for this App,
I agree it was not the easy to find but here it is

thus Closed here! ( And the Topic Title is very Generic, but the body content very specific.)

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