How to have Homey use a ETH008 relay board

Hello All,

I’m a total newbie with Homey. have tried HASSIO but was to time consuming and I’m not a die hard technician.
Have setup my first simple flow but are looking for some help with a relay board I bought to switch my lights in the garden. Reason being I have the homey in the house and the relay board will be about 80 meters away in a waterproof box in the garden to switch some lights.
The question is how can I create for starters a simple button to switch each relay on the ETH008.
ETH008 realy board 8 relays
You can now switch the board with HTTP commands like

And if that is possible can I then also create flows with these buttons?

Thanks for the help


use the app that is made for that:


JPe Thanks for the quick answer.
Installed the app and found the Logica. But stuck on what to fill in. When I GET or POST the It give either an error 401 or missing arguments for Homey:app: … So tried reading what is needed but seems to be used to get request to external ip addresses or URL,s mine is internal but no clue how to indicated that. As stated learning and have a bit of technical background but not in these kind of thiks. more in building Data centers :).

It’s not at my knowledge also, maybe the great expert @robertklep can give some indication or example of how to send a command in this case?

Hi JPe how to contact the great Expert Robertklep. Or is he alerted because of you message?

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He will be notified,
Did you also try the other option, the Logica card?

The IP is the right one for your device?

Error 401 means that the URL you are trying to open requires authentication. When you use a browser to access the device, do you need to log in? (try accessing it from Private/Incognito mode in your browser to make sure there aren’t any cookies or saved credentials that make it seem like you don’t need to log in).

Hi Robert, indeed it has a login.
Can a userid and password be added and if so how?
Tested it without userid and password and it worked. Thanks JPe en Robertklep.

Just an other question have now added it to a action of a zwave device aangezet. But is it also possible to add it to an own button in the Homey app so you can toggle it like a lightswitch? Or does that require programming. And if so I’m happy to learn but point me to a direction where I can find examples to pick it up.

Perhaps in the URL: