Wallmote quad error code (Blue blue red)

Hi everybody

I have an Aeotec Wallmote quad that does not respond regularly. If he does not respond to Homey, the device will give an LED code “blue blue red”
I do not know what this means and this is also not described in the manual.

Does anyone have experience with this device?


Hey @Tasz i’ve just moved your question to the “Questions & Help” forum, hopefully you will get a better response here.


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I have three of this units and have seen this few times before fitting the external z-wave antenna to my Homey.

Indeed, not described in the manual. But each time I was getting blue-blue-red was not triggering any of the associated flows. So I guessed was telling me that no communication with Homey.

This hasn’t happened since the external antenna, thought.

I would try a couple of things:

  1. Go to the dev tools https://developer.athom.com/tools/zwave and perform a heal having the quadmote in the final location. Make sure you wake up the Wallmote by pressing the button just before you press Heal. If successful then you should see a message in a green box. Then just see if your issue still exists.

  2. If the above fails, then just have the Wallmote close to Homey. If it works all the time you know that there was a communication issue so maybe you need more z-wave mains powered devices as repeaters or an antenna like I did :grinning:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply

I have tried everything. even the homey turned off for longer than 15 minutes.

But the error code still sometimes appears
Even if I keep him very close to homey

According to the mesh network, it is directly linked to homey


hey @Tasz,

I don’t have a homey, using another hub, but was having this issue as well with my Wallmote Quad.

For future reference, it seems to be a communications issue, such as being too far, or not having proper connectivity due to all the obstacles in the way.

I emailed the manufacturer (Aeotec) and this response is from their tech support:
“Blue indicates that it attempted to send a command.
Red indicates that it failed to send the command.

There are 3 tries before the WallMote determines failure, typically shown as 3x Blue blinks, then 1x red blink.

This may indicate that the communication range is not 100% good. May need a repeater in between, or to move the hub or WallMote closer to rectify the communication failures.”

Thought I’d post this for public archival, and hope it helps anyone Googling this topic.