VVB tomt for varme etter 12h?


Hope its ok to write english. I understand Norwegian but cant write well.

I am new to homey and own a bridge. I connected a heavy duty switch to the VVB (brand new osa saga 200L).

My flow looks like this (how to share flows so they show up so nicely?):

When the price changed (tibber),
And time is between 01 and 06 am, and price is one of 7 lowest today,
Then turn vvb on, else turn vvb off.

The flow seems to work, but after setting it up the water is considerably colder. At around 8 in the evening there is no warm water anymore. Even though the switch was on half the night.

Can a vvb loose all its heat in just 12 hours?? The wife already dislikes the smart home idea because of near cold showers… Urgent help is needed😄

I did turn the blandeventil up, so the water should be 50 degrees at the shower. At the same time, i turned the temperature in the vvb from 75 to 70.

Any ideas whats wrong here?


You need to heat during the day as well. We have 200L and a house of four. After heating in the night there is enough hot water for 2-3 showers (we have a 20years old heater).

My logic is quite simple. I allow it to heat during the 18 cheapest hours a day, and stop it during the 6 most expensive hours. Always hot water available!

There is a risk that the price profile for a day has more than 6 very expensive hours, but it’s better than it was, so there is always a balance.

If I had access to the water temperature I’d probably tried to make a more intelligent algorithm, i.e. if the water temp is below 50 C or something, I’d accept a higher price, unless noone is home etc :slight_smile: But I keep it simple.

Thanks Jan, it’s a simple flow that surely works.
I like to specify certain times to avoid getting into a higher effekttrinn. But so far it’s not successful anyways.

I might try that the vvb is on during the 9 cheapest hours. Like that it is surely on in the night and maybe during a dip in the day.

Other question, does the vvb refill itself with cold water when it has no electricity?

Hei, har du mulighet til å vise hvordan denne flowèn er satt opp?

Here is my flow that i use. Now i have to water even in the evening.

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But the VVB used 8kwh last night and was on from 1am to 5.20am. Kinda much i feel. I wonder if this makes it all more expensive. Maybe the water cools so much that its better to heat a little in the day aswell even though the price is higher.

Any experience with this?

Is it possible to set up a flow that shows the kroner amount a device used? All data is there (tibber and kwh usage). But how to make homey calculate it?

I tracked the vvb for one week. It was on on average for 3.9 hours each night and used an average of 6.65kwh each night. See photo.

I now test that its allowed to be on during the 12 cheapest hours of the day. Will report next week.