Virtual Devices with MQTT integration

I was just wondering if it would be easier to have a Virtual Device + MQTT Client integration. The virtual device would subscribe to topics and map these to the capabilities of the device. Then you wouldn’t need multiple flows to set the values for you. Wouldn’t this make your life a lot easier?


Don’t forget a Virtual Device + HTTP Request Flows integration, and a Virtual Device + WebSocket integration :wink:


good idea :+1:

Really interesting feature, will have…

BTW - a question in the topic!

I have a light dimmer I will update with MQTT topics, OnOff and DimValue.
OnOff is easy to set (if 0 or 1 turn On or Off) but the DimValue is not obvious to set since the topic value not can be used for the dimmer card.


@Marlon Did you find any solution to this? Being able to create a device that reflects and modifies the value of a topic in MQTT seems rather useful.

If not, perhaps this is something the creator of the MQTT Hub can help with if we donate some beers? @HarriedeGroot :slight_smile:

@MagTer The ‘MQTT Device’ already exists :slight_smile:. You can find it in the beta/test version of the hub:
It maps mqtt topics to device capabilities. And is (partly) based on the existing Virtual Devices app.
Some info & screens can be found here.

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Oh, interesting :slight_smile:

Any plans on releasing that as stable soon or are there known issues being worked on? @HarriedeGroot

I’m trying to configure a virtual device, but get stuck in the wizard:

I would expect a button to proceed to the next step. What am i doing wrong?

There’s an outline of a button at the bottom of the page :sweat_smile: (it’s a known issue)

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