Dim Level in Virtual Device via MQTT

Hi everyone,

I would like to query a dimming level via MQTT in a virtual device and of course also set it.

Can someone help me, who has ever done that this way? Maybe anyone can share his flows here. On/off via MQTT is pretty simple and works fine, but I don’t know how I should do this for the dim level. I think I need a logic to do this right?

How much flow do I need per Dim Level and how do I best build it?

As an example, let’s just take the topics:
State: living room light / dim
Set: living room light / dim / set

I heave read somewhare the u have to use the command dim/update. I’m struggling with té same question at this moment. When I’m home I gonna try this command.

If you find a solution, it would be nice… I think it is very easy, but I have no Idea how I have to start with Flows :sweat_smile:

dim/update won’t work here :see_no_evil:

dim/set works for me!

Edit: Sorry, I don’t know when dealing with a VD.

Can you tel me the complete command you send to homey?

This is what i send


But the light won’t dim when i send a payload from a slider in node red

One example: homie/homey/sanglampor/dim/set

It works :grinning:

I was sending a value from 0-1 but i have to send a value from 1-100 :see_no_evil:


Can you share your flow here? :sweat_smile:

the flow in node red is verry simple.

Couple a slider to an mqtt output node. Set the slide to en velue from 1-100 and in the mqtt node you enter te topic as i discribe "(but then whit you topic name and device name ofcourse :rofl: )

Than I have to upset nodered first :sweat_smile: