Flow help for state change

I have a (actually several) qubino flush dimmers working as remotes. Recently Athom fixed the support for them so I can actually perform flows when i1 is used with a switch.

Now…On Vera I used to have a scene (like a flow) where a state change on i1 would trigger a change to the same state on some light in my house. Like "on change(i1) { someLight.state = qubinoSwitch.state; }.

Anyone know how to do something similar with just one flow when the device only has on, off and dimming value changed?

With which app version?
I use the beta v2.0.10 and still have the problem with the dimmer.

And to your actual question.
Can you only work with the dimming level?
Since 0% = off
1-100% = On
If so,
If dimm level Qubino has changed
Then Dimm level Device x = dimm level Qubino

@Osorkon I spoke too soon. I’m on v2.0.10beta. i1 started working, after support had been working on it for a long time. I kind of expected i2 and i3 to work as well. Turns out they don’t. I tried making a quick and dirty flow for when i2 was turned either on or off, or if it was toggled (made three different flows). The only action was to make a notification. Nothing happened.

As for i1, it’s actually used for dimming, so your solution won’t work. Thanks, though.

Read the user manual from the dimmers:

Parameter no. 100
Enable / Disable Endpoints I2 or
select Notification Type and Event
Enabling I2 means that Endpoint (I2) will be present on UI.

Parameter no. 101
Enable / Disable Endpoints I3 or
select Notification Type and Event
Enabling I3 means that Endpoint (I3) will be present on UI.

They show up like this when I select them in a flow. Should they display as separate devices? If so, could you help me out with how to set the raw parameters? Sorry for being a noob. I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Why dont you try direct association between devices? You will need to use module manual to set it right.

@Igy Yes, that might be a good solution. Is it possible to do this through the web interface, or did that disappear with the new version? I see in some of the screen shots there is a web interface where you can click an “i” for more information, but I cannot see anything like that in the developer portal.

Also, my dimmer doesn’t have separate devices for i2 and i3, so I’m not sure how I’d set the association. @JPe4619 mentioned something about getting separate devices, but he didn’t answer my question and I have no idea how to do what he suggests.

Sorry not completely answering your question, only trying to give hint that maybe could help you, solve your problems.

For my qubino dimmer i use association for other fibaro dimmer (just to turn in on/off) via second switch attached to qubino. You can set it in advanced tab in mobile app directly. In this case device 37 is fibaro dimmer.

Thanks, @Igy. Under advanced, I only have groups 1-4 under assosciations. However, groups 5 and 8 are for i2 and i3. Did you do anything in particular to get the rest of them visible?

@Igy I tried removing the device and reinstalling it as the other kind of flush dimmer from Qubino. Still only got the four groups. Would love it if you could share some light on it for me.

I did nothing specific. Maybe its different model of dimmer. Just added to Homey.

Did you use the beta or stable version of the qubino app? I just received an email about a big bug fix coming next week. The users of the beta app will have some problems, but not the users of the stable app.


Ok, that probably explains how come you see more groups than me. Hopefulle, it’ll be fixed in v3