Qubino dimmer triggers multiple state changes when switched off

Hi all,

I have 2 Qubino dimmers and they behave weird when I switch them off by software. With “by software” I mean either issue a “turn off” command in a flow, or switch them off by tapping the device in the v2 app.

What happens is that the dimmer reports being switched off, then immediately reports being switched on, and about 2 seconds later reports being switched off again. I use mobile push notifications as a means of monitoring and this is the amount of messages that I receive on my phone. When I check the device’s history in the app (the “…” icon), I see the same sequence (Turned off - Turned on - Turned off).
I have the same effect when using a “toggle” card instead of a “turn off” card.

Whereas when switching the dimmer off with the physical switch on the wall, only a single “Turned off” change is reported as expected.

This behavior unintendedly triggers some of my flows that listen for a “Turned on” state change.

Does this sound familiar to anyone, and is there a known solution ? I already had the firmware of my dimmers updated in Sept 2018 (before that it was even worse: when turned off, it would also report a “Turned off” followed by a “Turned on”, but no second “Turned off” so that the controller wrongly believed the lights stayed on). I’d rather not dismount them from the wall sockets and send them in again. I want to install 3 more dimmers and if I cannot solve this, I am seriously considering to switch all to Fibaro.

Are you aware of the Beta version of the App?

Hi Jan,

The Changelog of the beta version doesn’t mention the issue I described, but I gave it a try. Unfortunately I see no difference, still getting 3 state changes when switching off a Qubino dimmer from a flow :-(.