Device turns on activates by itself (Activated by Qubino)

Can´t understand this, have a lot of z-wave stuff and this is the first that this is happend to.
Have uninstall and install the qubino mini dimmer but the same is happening.
The dimmer turns on by it self and no flows is working accept turning it off. But after a while it turns on and its not the same time everyday. It says Activated by Qubino.

Your thought process is almost good, but not fully:
Currently it is when the on/off capability is turned on, this can turn on in several ways, like hardware related (a switch connected to the module) take of the power and turn it on again (on the module), or when you set (just) a dim level.
Athom is looking into it to make it more obvious what turned on said device, but you’ll have to ask Athom support channel how far they are/how high it is on their to do list, the more people complain, the higher it could become.