MQTT to device Device Capabilities not working

At the moment I am working on making 1 device for my Nissan Leaf. Had this to date in different virtual devices and it works.
I downloaded and installed the Device Capabilities app here.
I have created several fields within a device that I want to fill from MQTT.
However, I cannot choose the values ​​of the MQTT in the Text field. I think thevariable is not seens as text but as number.

Why not use MQTT Hub’s MQTT device, and get the topics directly to device capabilies without a flow?

I used to do the flow trick you are trying, but then found MQTT device in MQTT Hub and made it so much simpler.

I can not add a device with MQtt Hub.
If i choose for add MQTT Hub device there is no add button

Ah, that issue. The button is there, but hard to see

Same on the other pages. The next button is hard to see.

A sensor and ‘nummerveld’ can’t handle string (text) variables, even if it only holds numbers;
You first have to convert the string variable to a numeric variable.
This works when the string variable holds numbers only

Thanks for all the help.

It has already succeeded.

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