MQTT device: text item

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I’m using the mqtt hub/cliënt on the Homey system but I have very limited options for displaying regular text like EV-charger statusses (charging, etc).
I see track, album etc but not a regular text item.

How to approach?

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With the Device Capabilities app’s advanced virtual devices, you can display text on tiles.

It can reflect any (mqtt) device capability numeric value

Dear @Peter_Kawa ,

thank you for pointing this out. I’ve installed the app and wonder how to link MQTT JSON based values to the Device Capabilities device. I suppose I’ve to import the MQTT devices and values manually using scripting and store them as (global) variables, then using them in the advanced capabilities device?

Now I’m using the MQTT HUB app for importing MQTT JSON values.

How should you approach?

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Ah, sorry, for status indicators with text values, you’d use this flowcard to set it.

The $.status in the screenshot above is just made up, idk how the contents of your JSON

Here’s an example of a JSON response and the flowcards used to filter items out

Dear @Peter_Kawa ,

Thank you for sharing your flow. I just cant get the text displayed as tile status. This is my config:
I’ve got an device with two properties: number (voltage) and status (text)

The flow updates both fields but not the tile status. The text appears in the timeline tough.

I’m not sure my config is correct for the device status field (in repair).

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In the mobile app, you have to pick the right status indicator before it is displayed on the tile :blush:

And in the flowcard, make sure to also select YES at “optionally update mobile tile”.

Idea / hint:

You can make use of the number field, f.i. you could enter the numeric tag [car_voltage] in there!:
V. [status]
(the V. is just manually entered text here)

Then you’ll get a status like this:
234 V. available

This is way more clear with screenshots :grin: