Device card with custom text

Hello! Is it possible to have a device card such as the lights etc just to display custom texts? I made a flow with an api call that checks for trash-scheduele and notifies me on certain times. But I also would like to have this info displayed in a tile. I looked at virtual devices but thats just to display virtual lights or temperatures or buttons, thats not what I would like.

I just started using Homey so any help would be welcome :slight_smile:

As it seems the tiles can only display numeric values. Like for instance curtain tiles cannot show their state (closed or open), while these values are available as variable.
Maybe a feature request @ Athom might be an option.

What I’ve done, before I had a real indicator light, is to include a color bulb (virtual devices app), and change the color according the trashcan that is going to be picked up.

Granted only for Homey Pro, not for the beta (cloud)/bridge.

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That is unfortunate, I wish it would be possible to have my own card and display information that I specific would like to have. This is perfectly possible with home assistant but not possible in Homey Pro.

I once requested at the Virtual Devices app developer for a few custom capabilities, like ‘currency’ or ‘state’.
He replied he’d better not do that, while everyone wants something else and it’s too time consuming.
But hey, you can always request it again.:wink:

I’m going to tinker a bit with the SDK and see if I can build something like this. It sucks you have to pay 99 eur to share your app with others via the store. I might make it open-source so others can use it as well.

No, that’s only the case if you’d like to publish to Homey cloud.
For Homey Pro (all white balls that is), you can publish free of charge @ Homey Apps or, if Athom somehow disagrees with your app, @ the completely Athom independent

Oh awesome!

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