Custom capabilities on device tile?

Is it somehow possible since SDK3 to show a custom capability on the tile in Homey app? Perhaps with settings in capability JSON?
Or is it still only possible for system capabilities?

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It’s still not possible.

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One more question regarding the capabilities.

Athoms documentation says the following:

Device Indicators and Custom Capabilities
The Homey web app and mobile app can display indicators next to the device icons. This gives users the ability to view a specific capability, such as a temperature value or battery status, at a glance. Custom boolean and number capabilities can also be shown as indicators as device indicators.

So it shoudl be possible to add custom capabilities to the tile? But how? Regarding this documentaion ist should be possible with all alarm* and numeric values (measure*/meter*).

Another point:

I have several custom capabilities names meter* and measure*.
I have a capability (system capability) names meter_water.remaining_capacity, which uses the default capability settings (Athoms name/unit/icon settings).
None of them is displayed in the tile.
I have a alarm* capability in addition, which is shown on the tile if it’s true.
Is this alarm_capability preventing the others to show on the tile? Isn’t is possible to add a numeric capability to a tile and show the exclamation mark only if the alarm it true?

Does anyone has some code on github with tile capabilities where I could take a look at?

Athom sure can answer your questions.