Device indicator

I’ve developed a custom number capability for my device. I named it “measure_xxx”
how do I actually display it on the device icon? I read in the doc I can do it, but I do not understand how to do it

It seems only standard capabilities are displayed by default at the moment.

See Xiaomi mi flora sensor/ropot app - #585 by Koktail

I tried that, too. But it’s only possible for default capabilities (listed on developer page).

But with the new Homey App (Android+iOS, WebApp surely too), you can select a capability for each device as user. I havn’t testet it yet, but that’s one of the announcement for the test version of Homey app.

Correct, but not all capabilities (yet).


I would like the moisture (“vochtigheid”) as default status indicator for instance. But it’s not a standard capability and isn’t shown/selectable


This is just an example, I know @Koktail is trying to find a solution

I tested the new app version.
My result qith my own app (Grünbeck) is:

  • numeric values are selectable
  • enum values (text representation fur values) are not shown
  • string capabilities are nut shown

I don’t know if units have impact on it.

Perhaps it depends on the capability attribut “getable”. If its not true, the WebApi perhaps cant read the value for the tile.

Interesting, Ronny.
But, unfortunately, though all capabilities of my example flower sensor are numeric, they’re not all selectable (and that seems to be the custom capabilities fertility and moisture).

So the ‘getable’ theory makes sense, so does the standard / custom theory (for apps installed per app store).

I’ve found the repository:
I would suspect the Athom is using all “typical” capabilities named measure*, alarm*, meter*.

"capabilities": [

If the custom capabilities would be named measure_flora_fertility for example, I would say The Homey App should display the values in the device.

I named all custom capabilities this way (measure*) and they are displayed. This has another benefit: You get all flow events generated (like “value changed”).

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Sharp! Makes sense. Also to you, Leendert @Koktail?

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Looks like a logical explanation. Thanks for sharing!

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Yes it does work today with the newer version of the app
Maybe the doc was a bit in advance :slight_smile:

Thank you Athom

Hi there,
I’m looking for ways to define icons indicators for custom capabilities (type=enum). Do you have any example I can folllow ?

I don’t think that enum capabilities are displayed in the indicator - like other string capabilities. The devise only offers numeric values to select as indicator. That’s a limitation by Athom I think.

Thanks @RonnyW, actually, I was expecting to display an icon for each value like the icon battery for example.