[REQUEST] Additional: Make tile's display capability measure_* of type 'string' selectable

Thanks a mil, Athom, for implementing this earlier request!

From what I understand, all capabilities starting with measure_, meter_ and alarm_ are selectable to be displayed upon a tile.
But, only the numeric values so it seems?

My additional request would be:
There’s a compass wind direction capability measure_wind_direction_string
which displays up to three characters like ‘NNW’.
Few people understand a wind directions like 223°, so I don’t understand why f.i. NNW can’t be selected, except for a technical reason, it being a string instead of a numeric value.

Is it possible to make a measure_ value, type ‘string’ available as well? With a cutoff at say 5 or 6 characters?

All capabilities of a wheather device:

Selectable capabilities of that device:


I second Peters request regarding compass wind direction capability. :+1: