Live data on device icons

I love the new app, and I’ve deleted HomeyKit (for now) to simplify my administration, and keep it directly to Homey.
Anyways, while I like the new device layout, it doesn’t offer me anything. Will we able to see live temperature/humidity values be displayed on the icons? Now I have to press and hold to see the data.

There is some… Like on mine…

It shows Motion… Temp and light status :high_brightness: . The yellow light status circle grows or darkens the brighter the light

Hmm, so is this up to the app dev then?
These are mostly Aqara (Xiaomi) devices.

No, Athom decides which capabilities are shown.

But do file a request at though…

It is still annoying that the icons aren’t configurable. And so far as I now only thermostats show the target temperature.

I solved the problem with virtual devices as described here: Wandthermostat gesucht