Need a icon where i can display my own text

I am looking for an icon (in Homey) where i can display my own text or values.

I calculate the total metered consumption of my home and i wish to display this.
I can store it as a logic value bu i still have no option to easily show it…

I was created an created a virtual sensor device which the option power and a flow to update this sensor, this works but has a great disadvantage.
Homey now has added this consumption to the total power usage as-well, that was not what i intended.
I just want to display it, it should not be added as real usage (what this virtual sensor card does).

So is there a way to use an icon to display ‘text’?

Yes, there is

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With AVD’s, everything you ask can be done.
If the power is measured depends on setting the Create Flow Cards to on/off.

And you can upload your own icon :wink:

thx, i will look into and gonna play with it.