[APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator

Hi Peter,

Is there any way to get rid of that leading 0? Show if I want to show the time in the tile, it will only show the time like: 22:15
Instead of: 0 22:15

In the Web App, yes you can replace it with a Dash (-) by using the Set Status Card with Number and leave number empty.
But it will then show nothing in the Mobile App.

Athom (might) be working on it, i have had contact about the difference in Web en Mobile App en asked that, since the need to straigten the difference out, the nicest thing for users would be that units wil be displayed with an empty value if the value is empty.

And it could be done, because there normally are no apps that leave the capability value empty. Athom didn’t even know about the difference between Mobile and Web when a device capability value is empty.

But we will have to wait and see.
As a developer, i cannot do anything about how the numbers + units is displayed. Only Athom has the ring of Power for that! :wink:


Ok, Arie. Thanks again?

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Hello @Arie_J_Godschalk ,

Thank you again for your exceptional work. I wanted to know if in the area surrounded by my previous message it is possible to put only text without a number. I would like to indicate the states of my vacuum cleaner for example “docking”, “charging” etc…

Thank you very much!

Edit: I just saw that Dennis had the same question I believe.

I hope it will be, lets see what Athom makes of it.

This is A Petition!

For Everyone who wants a Text Status Indicator (as Device Tile) without a zero or dash in front of it, HIT the Like button of this post/message!

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If we get enough likes, we can include Emile or someone from Athom, to show them how much people would want this!

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Update: Message has been send to Emile:
Dear Emile


You can try the alternative Exchanger file. For now, you’ll need de H.o.o.p. app though

Peek 2022-09-13 02-27


Screenshot from 2022-09-26 13-44-08

hey @Peter_Kawa , in the version is just pushed to Live, the variable creation is completly fixed as far as i know: droptokens didn’t get linked correct after creation.
This is now solved.

The EV Charger Status Device Tile - AVD Template import correct now (if you don’t have the variables allready).

Still an issue when finding existsing variables i see, fixing it now.

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Fixed in allready currrent live version!

Here i import a Flow from someone else, but with the same variable names as i allready have got (because i allready imported the flow).

Now there will not be an error, but it will replace the variables in the flow with yours (that is, the same name, but other IDs)

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It looks better indeed, Arie.

But now I’m missing ‘wires’ somehow, but not all are missing.

Create it with the latest file please.
I think you have created this file with the Live version that had a bug.
It does not in the newest live version.

The bug was in Export, when creating a file.
The bug was live about 10 minutes, 30 people did get the install with the bug tho.

Version 2.6.50
Wires are okay again, but the ]] thing is back :wink:

Not in 2.6.52.

Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk

Question. I have 4 airco indoor units. Each indoor unit has a tile. And when long pressed I get a sub menu with a dropdown menu. And each value in the dropdown menu contains other values. Like in the pictures. Now I want to make one ADV in which I can select a indoor unit with the accommodating settings. Is this possible?

The below pictures are from the menu of one of the units.

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Ah, I searched an just wanted to ask the same Q for a thermostat:

I’d like to be able to set the values, and also read the values when they are changed.
EDIT: on / within an ADV

The shared flow to see if the sensor is still awake is a nice tool. Can the script this also be added to my flower sensors from Xiaomi?

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Het @Peter_Kawa and @Dennis_van_Dinter ,

I have the feeling that those are not the same questions.
@Dennis_van_Dinter , Do you mean: You want to be able to add Pickers/Dropdowns to AVD?
If so, i haven’t fount a solution to dynamicly add Pickers/Dropdowns.

@Peter_Kawa Do you mean you want to set the Picker/Drodown value of a non-AVD device?
If so, the Set Capability flowcards from DC App can be used to set a picker/dropdown value of a device.

Well, the idea is to create a ADV and within that ADV select one of 4 indoor units and then be able to set its temperature or its heating or cooling mode. That would mean it’s should be dynamicly, I guess.

If this not possible, then is it possible to create a menu style like in the screenshot but only for 1 device. So basically only mimicking the menu style.