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Version 2 IOS app

Hi, Took the plunge and upgraded to version 2, and I am disappointed. The app is phone-centric and has a fetish for portrait mode only. As an iPad user, it is a bad oversight not to have a landscape version. The desktop UI was and is much better, but no way back. I would also suggest you develop a browser edition for those of senior age and failing eyesight, putting my glasses on to use an app is a pain. I guess you have put a lot of time and money into this development. As a business systems developer, I know the UI is the part users will judge you on, not the technology behind it

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Lots of people have installed the NOX Android emulator so they can run the Homey app (albeit still in its phone-centric form) on a desktop computer: https://www.bignox.com

It’s a poor substitute, but it’s something.


Nope, it is as bad as the original app :wink:
Glad I haven`t upgraded and have begun to look for other solutions, actually I think Athom has screwed there customers…

There is a special topic to whine about this and believe me, ur not the first. We closed all the other topics to keep the forums clean so this one is also closed. If u have any problems with that plz feel free to contact me or any other moderator via PM.
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