Using WS2811 lights with a Raspberry Pi/Pi Pico

Hi there!

First post here, I’ve looked for a bit but couldn’t find anything, is it possible to use a Raspberry Pi (preferably the Pico, but otherwise the Zero WH) to act as a relay between Homey and my (WS2811) lights? Perhaps by adding zigbee? Does that even work as a “client”? Because it can be quite bothersome to recode all the 100 lights when you can just use an app that already exists. We have the Homey Pro at home.

Thanks in advance!

Just use wled for these light strips

Do you know how to interface these with Homey? I can’t seem to find a way to connect them.

Thanks in advance!

Sure when you used wled for this stripe you can connect them with dalor homey app

Awesome, thanks, but what about how to get the WLED connected to the neopixels in the first place? I have a pi zero currently connected to the pixels, but would prefer to do this with a pi Pico as they are cheaper. What do I need to configure/buy to access that?

A Pico doesn’t have any wireless networking support, so that’s going to be quite difficult to interface with Homey. Also, I don’t even know if WLED supports the Pico. If you want cheap, look at an ESP8266 or ESP32.

yes I meant an ESP8266 or (better) a esp32

Awesome, I can find ways to flash the program onto it, but can’t seem to find how to wire it up? Can anyone assist with that?

Thanks! I got it all working!